Steelo Business Opprtunity

Build your own baseball business with Steelo - franchise opportunity - grow your own business

Is This the Right Opportunity for You?

If you are a baseball-obsessed people person who loves coaching teams, connecting with ball players, and know your way around amateur baseball programs and travel ball programs, becoming a Steelo Sports Micro-Franchise Partner is an ideal opportunity for you.

As an owner, you will operate your own Steelo business, with opportunities to sport a Steelo branded van to games, tournaments, and baseball events, along with a Steelo branded 10x10 Pop-Up tent to turn every game into a business opportunity for your business. You'll be fully responsible for hiring and developing a team of your own, who are highly knowledgeable about baseball and baseball products.

We take care of everything to get you started, so that you have the absolute best chance for success, and becoming a staple in baseball within your community and surrounding territories. You'll provide consistent sales support to your clients, teams, and organizations 365 days of the year, on your time, on your schedule, and with with support from the hottest upcoming brand in baseball.

Great Leaders Make Great Partners.

As a company, we are driven by leading the baseball industry into a new direction, doing things differently than they have been done for decades, and utilizing modern technology to drive business. We are forward thinkers, risk takers, and baseball lovers who value the relationships we have built within the game.

As a leader and partner owning a Steelo business, we will equip you with access to modern day technology and cloud services tools to manage your business on a daily basis, so that you are always on top of events, projects, inventory, and your finances. Whether a team of 1, or a multiple team of owners, our tools will give you everything you need to collaborate internally and externally as a company.

what you do steelo baseball business opportunity - grow your own business

+ Set Up Your Business

+ Create Your Team Culture

+ Build Your Inventory Plans

+ Sell Your Baseball Gloves & Equipment

+ Grow Your Business

what we do steelo baseball business opportunity - grow your own business+ Get You Started

+ Provide Training

+ Give You a Comprehensive Startup Toolkit

+ Offer On-Demand Support

+ Share Our Experiences

what you'll need steelo baseball business opportunity - grow your own business

Customer & Baseball Obsession.

You start with the customer, and work backwards.


You love success! You are great at identifying goals and reaching them.

Deliver Results.

Your can-do attitude inspires everyone around you to meet challenges and get things done.


You're capable of dealing with people from all walks of life, and take pride in putting in the work to get your desired results.


your success starts here - steelo baseball business opportunity - grow your own business


Steelo Business Opportunity
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